Saint Michael

from by Paul Kerschen

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If there weren't a myth, we wouldn't need a fence.


saint Michael and the outland devil in a border fight
south north and the land kept coming
saint Michael was a full-blood angel
had his orders right
but he needed some advice
we said you're gonna find not a track on the way
cause snakes can walk without legs
they chew their words with their fangs
don't you let the devil start talking

saint Michael wouldn't let no rebel up the mountainside
barbed wire on the left
Rottweiler on the right
snake burrows in the dead saguaros and the crystal spines
but he couldn't take advice
no he couldn't see the price of that guard on his grace
he pulled the visor on his face
he watched the stars roll out in space
that's when the devil started talking

about fulfillment
he said this is fulfillment
about fulfillment
witness its fulfillment
and if this is fulfillment
then before the night is over
you'll have to take positions
you'll have to choose a platform
oh you'll have to take positions
you'll have to make a statement
and it might be remembered
and it might be recorded
and if it is remembered
it might be used against you
it might be used for leverage
it might be used for profit
can I get a witness


from Minimum Country, released December 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Paul Kerschen Berkeley, California

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